Foundations of Computer Science

Data Structures

Data structures are concepts of organizing information within a computer program, in a way that makes it easier to solve complex problems. This class introduces students to several data structures that are commonly used in the industry, and will be useful for later classes that delve into complicated algorithms. The data structures often introduced in …

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Introduction to Computer Science II

This course serves as a continuation of Computer Science I. In this class, students continue to learn more advanced programming concepts, such as simple data structures, algorithms, and may discuss programming paradigms such as object-oriented programming, or functional programming. The programming assignments become more difficult, and serve to give the student extra practice writing software, …

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Introduction to Computer Science

This is the first introduction to computer science. For students with prior programming experience, the topics in this class can seem to be very rudimentary. This class teaches students how to think computationally, such as how computers represent information, and imperative programming logic. Students will practice these skills by writing small software programs to solve …

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